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TravelbyBit Showcases NEM Payments at Myriad 2018

TravelbyBit’s newly integrated NEM payment system lit up earlier this month at the biggest and best Myriad event, alongside exciting panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and masterclasses from 100 influential speakers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Queensland is ripe with all of these. And as a business deeply involved in one of the most cutting-edge technology explosions of our time, we were ecstatic to help new users learn and understand how NEM works in a mainstream retail setting.

NEM education, nationwide XEM payments, and more

Our team was on site for the full Myriad event, educating users about our involvement with NEM, signing up new NEM merchants, and helping new users install a wallet and make their first XEM purchase at our crypto coffee shop!

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In addition to our participation as an exhibitor, we learned so much about rising businesses in Australia and across the world.

As we prepare our merchants for the network-wide rollout of XEM payments, it was incredibly inspiring seeing the progressive ideas showcased at the convention.

In fact, we learned about so many new ideas that it’s difficult to even choose a favourite. Some of them include Pegasus the flying car, a polymer-based honeycomb beehive that promotes more efficient honey farming, and unmanned autonomous airplanes coming in the (very) near future.

Ready to start accepting XEM and other cryptocurrencies in your business? It’s easy – just complete this form and we’ll get you set up.

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What’s next for TravelbyBit?

On the tail of the best Myriad event yet, here’s what’s coming up for us:

We’re very close to launching nationwide XEM payments in all of our 150+ merchants!

We’re building the world’s first NEM travel website (with support for five languages) – where you can book exclusive packages, paid for only in XEM

We’re launching XEM payments at Australia’s first digital currency friendly city, 1770. Starting next week!

Myriad was an incredible combination of technology, innovation, thought leadership & entrepreneurship. A festival full of open-minded, determined, & energetic people that have huge and creative ideas to solve real world problems.

We’re looking forward to the next one.

About TravelbyBit

We’re a team of passionate travellers and digital currency enthusiasts who want to help the crypto community travel with freedom around the world, starting with Queensland, Australia.