7 August 2019
Ultimate Travel Guide to the Baltic Honeybadger Conference 2019

Date: 14th-15th September 2019

Venue: RISEBA Arhitektūras un mediju centrs H2O 6, Rīga

The Baltic Honeybadger conference is one of the world's leading Bitcoin conferences. Sharing the same goal of creating an educational and community-driven movement, TravelbyBit has partnered with the Honeybadger conference 2019 as the official travel partner.

Over the two years of its establishment, the event has grown to attract international talented Bitcoiners from different areas of expertise. From technical engineers to best-selling authors, the conference aims to tackle and explain the ideas behind Bitcoin from different perspectives.

The conference will be held for two days with a range of multifaceted speakers, engaging panel discussions, and an informal afterparty to meet new people and network with the brightest minds in the field.

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Visit Rīga, Latvia

Immerse yourself in the quiet streets of Rīga, where you’ll discover that the city’s true spirit lies in its multiple hip bars and artistic restaurants. The gothic cityscape will pull you in, driving your attention to the gorgeous architecture that surrounds this serene city.

Check out the House of Blackheads, Old Rīga:

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After a long day at the conference, appreciate the solitude in the Rīga Cathedral or stroll along Albert Street, home to Rīga’s most fascinating Art Nouveau buildings.

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Cure your wanderlust and extend your stay in the calm waterside city of Daugavpils. The city is quite underrated, yet is perfect for those seeking to escape the city chaos. It's only a 3 hours drive to Daugavpils from Rīga. Check out the Amazing Daugavpils Fortress:

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Getting There

First time to Rīga ? Don’t worry. Here are simple steps on how to get from Riga International Airport to the conference hall.

-From the Riga International Airport, walk about 3 minutes to Lidosta Riga which is a stop at the Airport (ask for the airport staff to help you locate the bus stop; it’s a bit tricky).

-Once you get to the stop, take the 22 bus going from the Airport to Albert Street, or Abrenes Street.

-The 9th stop, Daugavgrivas Street, is where you should get off. You should reach this street in about 17 minutes from when you get on the bus.

-From there, take a 3 minute to Kalnciema Iela bus stop using Google Maps.

-Take bus number 3 and get off at Klingeru Iela stop; this is a non-stop bus and should take approximately 5 minutes.

-Once you get off at Klingeru Iela, it’s a 3 minute walk to the conference hall, RISEBA Arhitektūras un mediju centrs H2O 6.

-It is advisable to use Google Maps for all walking paths.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to get to your destination. However, you’re free to explore the other commute options: bus, taxi, or train. Find out more about travel and ticket information on the city’s public transportation websites: https://www.rigassatiksme.lv/lv/

Hotels in Rīga, Latvia

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Clarion Collection Valdemars (AUD 781.31 / 7 nights, incl. Tax | approx. 30 minutes away)

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Park Inn By Radisson Riga Valdemara (AUD 983.66 / 7 nights, incl. Tax | approx. 20 minutes away)

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SemaraH Hotel Metropole (AUD 1307.94 / 7 nights, incl. Tax | approx 30 minutes away)

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Hotel Bergs (AUD 2,249.18 / 7 nights, incl. Tax | approx 30 minutes away)

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Dome Hotel and Spa (AUD 4,142.17 / 7 nights, incl. Tax | approx 30 minutes away)

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