28 October 2019
Top 6 Destinations to Spend Christmas 2019

If you're looking to enjoy someplace cold, snowy, and special this holiday season, there are many places across the globe that celebrate Christmas without holding back. Trees, lights, snow, presents, activities, and fireworks are all the best things about travelling to faraway places during Christmas, and for hundreds of thousands of tourists, it's absolutely worth leaving home for. If you are trying to find your dream winter wonderland full of festive cheer, here are six destinations for this holiday season.

1. Rockefeller Center, New York City

Each year, the city of New York goes all out for the holidays at Rockefeller Center. Since 1931, the centre has celebrated Christmas with a gigantic tree that is 50 to 100 feet tall, being called a "holiday beacon" for both New Yorkers and tourists. A skating rink is also created in front of the tree for people to skate around while Christmas music plays. Colourful lights and angelic decor tie the scene together, with all kinds of events, from televised concerts to talk shows, taking place at Rockefeller Center around the holidays. Once you get on the ice, you will immediately feel goosebumps with how one of the world’s most iconic cities looks and feels under a blanket of snow. Plan your trip to New York this holiday season and have a grand time skating, shopping and seeing other sights around this amazing city.

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2. Christmas Markets, Spikersuppa, Oslo

Norway is known as one of the happiest countries in the world, so they're sure to celebrate Christmas like no other. One grand European Christmas market takes place for nearly a month and a half! Situated on Karl Johans gate right by the Royal Palace, you can shop for furniture, art, food, and other goods in roomy stalls. After your shopping list is complete, sit by a warm fireplace or take a ride on the giant Ferris Wheel. You can also take the family to go ice skating at the largest rink in town. It's free for everybody, including skate rentals.

You can also attend the Norsk Folkemuseum’s Annual Christmas Fair and the Christmas Market at DOGA to purchase unique gifts and indulge in delicious traditional dishes. Book your flight to Oslo to experience Norwegian Christmas in 2019.

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3. Winter Festival of Lights, Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are a sight to behold, no matter what time of year you go. They look extra special when you see them through bright lights. The Winter Festival of Lights is considered a long-time tradition dating back to the 1900s. See various illustrious structures at night, including buildings, trees, statues, and animated displays that captivate travelers from all over. You can also watch the fireworks behind the opulently illuminated Niagara Falls, which are certainly a sight to behold. After the holiday season comes the Niagara Falls Icewine Festival, so you'll have a great reason to plan your trip to Canada in early-to-mid-January to catch both events in one trip.

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4. Ski Dubai, Dubai

When you go to Dubai, snow may be the last thing you'll ever find. It's a nice and futuristic city that is great for vacationing, but the best place to celebrate Christmas? Of course at the world's largest indoor ski park: Ski Dubai!

Located at the Mall of the Emirates, this park is open all year round for people to ski, snowboard, see penguins, and more. Slope packages involve access to skiing and snowboarding down the simulation slope, which is great for beginners. The snow park package involves tubing, wall climbing, bobsledding, and the ice cave which are all great for families. During the holiday season, the little ones can even meet Santa at Santa's Grotto. If you're seeking an attractive city to travel to this Christmas and also want to experience winter fun, book your flight to Dubai today.

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5. Rizal Park, Davao The Philippines

Rizal Park in the Philippines is a great holiday destination in Southeast Asia. While this is a charming place to visit at any time of year, it is lit up to simulate a wintry wonderland during Christmas time. Trees, buildings, and displays are elaborately decorated with pure white and blue lights to give the environment a chillier and more majestic feel at night. You can also take a walk through the 30-metre light tunnel at Sta Ana Wharf and gaze at the colourful Tamayong Christmas Village in Calinan. Pasko Fiesta is another festival that takes place in Davao all December long, which will make sure you get your dose of music and fun. Plan your magical holiday experience and book your flight to Davao.

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6. The Striezelmarkt, Dresden Germany

Also known as the Striezel Christmas Market, this is the oldest known Christmas market in Germany, dating back to the year 1434. The Striezelmarkt attracts nearly three million tourists every year and has hundreds of stands for you to buy goods from. Food, furniture, and clothes from various parts of the world are all up for grabs, wrapped up in an old-fashioned charm that you can take in and relish. Some may argue that the carnival rides only dampen the mood, but it gives the family much more to do at this wonderful market.

Longing for one of the most genuine of Christmas attractions? Book your flight to Dresden this Christmas bring a bunch of souvenirs (and memories) back home!

Whether you want to stay warm these holidays or embrace the cold, there are many Christmas holiday travel destinations with both traditional and modern events to choose from. Pick the destination that best excites or moves you and get ready for a wonderful time away from home. You owe it to yourself to have a blast and celebrate Christmas in a special way this season.

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