28 August 2019
Australia's Second Digital Currency-Friendly Town: 3-day Road Trip to Atherton Tablelands

Pairing the great outdoors with blockchain technology, Atherton Tablelands is now Australia’s second crypto-friendly town! From breathtaking waterfalls to tranquil lakes, you can experience it all with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Businesses in the township of Atherton Tablelands and Yungaburra are starting to accept digital currency payments through TravelbyBit’s point of sale (POS) system.

A joint campaign by the Tablelands Regional Council and TravelbyBit, the initiative aims to encourage more travellers to explore the hidden beauty of North Queensland. The TravelbyBit team recently visited this scenic town on a 3-day road trip. Read on to find out what we did on our adventure up North!

In search of Queensland's best coffee

After landing in Cairns, we were introduced to our welcoming tour guide for the trip, Keith Williams, who operates the crypto-friendly tour and transport service Royal Black.

Our first stop was the family-owned Jaques Coffee at Mareeba. With the self-guided coffee tours, tastings, and helicopter rides over the plantation, TravelbyBit is proud to have this unique business on board. We enjoyed our morning brekkie and a cup of Jaques’s finest brew (all paid for in digital currency) before heading out to the next stop!

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 12.03.13 pm

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After a quick gin tasting session at Mt Uncle Distillery, we headed down to the quiet town of Tolga to make sure the gin didn't go straight to our heads! We stopped at the Tolga Hotel for a delicious warm lunch, right in the heart of the interestingly rustic town. While some of us religiously ate our meals, a few of us indulged in a bit of pool. Delicious food, cold drinks, and great service.

IMG 20190717 134340

Upon checking into our hotel, we were introduced to the lovely owner of Blue Summit Hideaway, Gina. The gorgeous cottages came equipped with all the amenities required for a comfortable stay.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 12.03.39 pm

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For dinner, we chose the Swiss-Italian Nick’s Restaurant. The restaurant was understandably the local’s favourite: the authentic European memorabilia adorning the walls, the gorgeously cozy interiors, delicious swiss cuisine, and the enormously welcoming owners.

But little did we know that a casual dinner was going to turn into a night of wild fun! Nick had an infectious charm that spread to the entire team. Seemingly out of nowwhere, he procured instruments (which we had no idea how to play), hats from all corners of the globe, and before we knew it, we were singing and dancing the infamous ‘chicken dance’! Of course, all this was possible with the cheers of the crowd and a few beers and glasses of Tempranillo!

For anyone visiting Yungabarra, we highly recommend this restaurant for its ecstatic vibes, authentic food and an experience like no other.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 12.52.56 pm

Beauty of nature in North Queensland

After the events of the previous night, the second day was slightly more relaxed and quiet. We had our breakfast at the Smoke House Cafe and then headed out on a guided platypus tour at the Australian Platypus Park. The thirty minute tour was educational and we were able to spot 3-4 platypus during that time - they were definitely not camera-shy!

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 12.04.51 pm

The next stop was Millaa Millaa Falls. The view demanded our attention; it was awe-strikingly beautiful. For a closer look, some of us walked up behind the waterfall. We spent quite a bit of time there taking in the visuals, snapping away pictures, and taking a short bush walk around the waterfall.

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 12.05.03 pm

Close to afternoon, we jumped on the bus again to drive to Gallo Dairyland, a dairy farm and cafe. We tasted their wide variety of locally-made cheeses (the teams’ favourites being Macadamia, Cracked Pepper, Volcano, and Gallo Fetta) and bought some to take with us. After touring through their animal nursery, we headed out to pick up some Rosé and red wine on the way to Lake Eacham. The calm atmosphere was a perfect excuse to laze around on the grass for the rest of the afternoon.

DSC 0139

Towards the evening, we hosted a crypto meetup with the local business owners at the Barron Valley Hotel, which was one of the first businesses to accept digital currency in the region.

IMG 20190718 181051

The informational event included a presentation by TravelbyBit CEO Caleb Yeoh, who explained our digital currency adoption initiative, benefits of accepting digital payments, and how to use our POS system. Among the attendees were Brett Stevenson, Chair of Tropical Tablelands Tourism, and Paul Chiari, founder of FNQ Computers. All in all, it was a wonderful evening filled with education, networking, delicious snacks and, of course, drinks.

IMG 20190718 185530

Exploring the town of Yungaburra

The third day was left for the team to explore the town of Yungaburra by themselves. We took a morning walk in the quiet town and enjoyed our breakfast at rustic and cozy Coffee and Clay.

PANO 20190719 075611.vr

With gleeful smiles, we thanked Gina for the wonderful stay at the Blue Summit Hideaway and bid her goodbye. We hit the road again and stopped at the Nerada Tea Plantation for breakfast for the rest of the team. While a few team members had their fine tea, the rest toured their tea plantation and rested on the vast lawn.

IMG 20190719 100010

With that, it was the last stop of our trip. Atherton Tablelands is truly an underrated gem of North Queensland. TravelbyBit would like to thank the Tablelands Regional Council and the enthusiastic local business owners who were keen to learn about and adopt the new technology.

TravelbyBit strongly believes and hopes that this initiative attracts more tourists to Australia’s second regional crypto town and helps drive the adoption of digital currency in Australia. To book your flight to Cairns, visit travelbybit.com or get in touch with our experts for more information.

Here’s to more adventures and more travels. Live free, and Travel by Bit today!

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