Terms and Conditions

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Anyone who shares their unique referral link (“Referrers”) can earn bitcoin through TravelbyBit’s referral program (“The Program”) by referring friends (“Referees”) to become new users on TravelbyBit (https://travelbybit.com) (the “Site”). For more information on Rewards, please see our Rewards Terms and Conditions.

Referrers and referees (“Participants”) must agree to these Terms and Conditions, which form part of the Terms of Use, in order to participate in The Program. All Participants must be 18 years or older in order to be eligible to participate in The Program.

1. Obtaining the Reward

When a referral is successfully completed, the Referee will receive US$25 in Travel Credits; once the Referee places an Eligible Booking, the Referrer will receive US$10 in Bitcoin rewards (both rewards are henceforth collectively referred to as the "Reward").

A successfully completed referral must satisfy both of the following requirements:

(i) The Referee clicks the Referrer’s referral link to create a valid TravelbyBit account; and

(ii) The account creation must comply with the Terms of Use, including the requirement that Referrers and Referees cannot be the same person.

The Referrer may refer up to ten (10) new accounts and can be the Referee once if successfully referred by another account at the sign up stage. Therefore, the maximum that can be earned through this Referral Program is 10 x US$10 in BTC rewards as the Referrer and 1 x $25 in Travel Credits as the Referee.

2. Eligible Bookings

For a booking to be an Eligible Booking for the purposes of The Program, the following requirements must be met:

(i) The booking must be booked and purchased via the Site;

(ii) The booking must be equal to or greater than US$75 in value, and;

(iii) The Referee must complete the flight or stay. For flight bookings, the Reward will be awarded after the Referee has completed their flight. For hotel bookings, the Reward will be awarded after the Referee has completed their stay.

Please note that the Reward will not be awarded before the reservation is considered an Eligible Booking, as per the above requirements. If the reservation is cancelled, neither the Referrer nor the Referee will receive the Reward, as that referral will be deemed incomplete.

3. Reward Balance

Once the Referee has used the referral link to create an account and place a booking, the Reward information can be viewed in both the Referrer and Referee’s rewards page. The reward type will be displayed as ‘Referral’ and the status will either be ‘Processed’ or ‘Pending’, depending on whether an Eligible Booking has been completed or is yet to be completed. Processed Rewards will also display the date that the Reward was received.

Rewards are withdrawable once the total Rewards balance has reached an equivalent value of US$25.

For more information on Rewards, please visit

4. Referral Links

Referral links are only permitted to be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. If TravelbyBit reasonably suspects that a Participant is distributing referral links for commercial or other purposes that are deemed to violate the integrity of The Program, TravelbyBit may, at its discretion, decide to remove the customer from The Program, resulting in the Participant’s Rewards balance obtained from The Program being forfeited. This includes paying to advertise referral links, distributing referral links by using bots or other automated systems, or mass messaging the referral link to strangers through any channel.

The Referee may only use one referral link when creating their account. Only the Referrer whose link was actually used by the Referee to sign up will be eligible to receive the Reward. No other referral links or incentives, whether obtained from TravelbyBit or elsewhere, may be combined in conjunction with The Program.

5. Information Shared Between Referrers and Referees

As part of the Program, TravelbyBit may share the Referee’s name with the Referrer to inform the Referrer about the status of the Referee’s Eligible Booking. This is solely done for informational purposes. No additional information about the Referee’s booking other than its status (Pending or Processed) will be disclosed to the Referrer. In the event that the Referee does not wish the Referrer to receive the status of their booking, the Referee should not participate in The Program.

6. Changes to The Program and User Accounts

TravelbyBit may, at its discretion, temporarily or permanently change or discontinue The Program, or a customer’s ability to participate in The Program. If a customer is found to be acting in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or in an illegal, deceptive or fraudulent manner, TravelbyBit reserves the right to render the customer's Rewards void and disqualify the customer from receiving Rewards in the future. To determine if any such breach has occurred with respect to referral activities, TravelbyBit reserves the right to investigate all referral activities and make a decision based on these findings.

7. Updates to these Terms and Conditions

TravelbyBit reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time at its discretion with or without notice. Any changes will be immediately effective from the time the changes are published on the website. Changes can be made without prior notice and without externally communicating these changes outside of the webpage where these Terms are displayed on the Site. Participation in the Program following any changes will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.

If you believe that your Rewards balance is inaccurate or has not been updated, please contact us via the support page and provide us with any relevant information in relation to your account. The decision regarding the balance will be made at TravelbyBit’s discretion and will be final.

8. Severability

Where a provision or part of a provision of The Program is deemed to be void, invalid or unenforceable, that provision or part of the provision will be withdrawn in that instance. The enforceability of the remaining provisions will not be affected.

9. Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Australian law, and nothing contained within these Terms and Conditions, is intended to restrict or exclude the rights of a customer under the Australian Consumer Law. TravelbyBit makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations of any kind in relation to the provision of the Reward, except where a particular guarantee or warranty cannot be excluded under applicable law.

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.