7 October 2019
TravelbyBit Australian Price Guarantee

Book with confidence

If you find a cheaper price within 24 hours of booking your flight with TravelbyBit, we’ll refund you the difference in Travel Credits!

To obtain a refund, the flight quote must meet ALL of the following conditions:

  1. The flight must depart from Australia.

  2. The quote must be on the same: flights, airline, fare class, and cabin, for the same number and age of passengers at the same time and date. The quote must also have the same ancillary conditions (e.g. whether seats or bags are included or excluded) and must depart from the same airport and arrive into the same airport via the same connection points.

  3. The quote must clearly outline whether the quoted price is per person, or the total for the entire travelling party. The total number of travellers and the age of each traveller must be indicated on the quote.

  4. The fare must still be available. The refund will not be applicable if the quoted fare class is no longer available.

  5. The quote must be a genuine quote on a valid airfare. Airfares quoted or published in error will not be eligible to receive a refund.

  6. The quote provided must be from a valid licensed Australian-based travel agent, or a valid licensed Australian-based online travel agent at the final payment stage.

The TravelbyBit Price Guarantee will only apply if the quote you submit is NOT:

  1. An airfare or airfares that are not available to the general public;

  2. Deals from loyalty programs, rewards, member offers or other similar schemes;

  3. Conditional offers, last minute offers, or special flight deals or promotions.

  4. A fare from a low cost airline, such as Jetstar, Scoot, TigerAir, or Air Asia;

  5. A quote received from TravelbyBit at an earlier point in time.

Contact [email protected] with the subject “Price Guarantee Application” and the following information and we’ll be in touch with you:

  • Full name as shown in passport
  • Your email address
  • TravelbyBit booking number
  • Screenshot of the flight quote, including the full flight tariff (inclusive of taxes and fees), as well as other relevant details outlined in the conditions above
  • The website advertising this price

Refund Procedure In order to receive the Price Guarantee, you must contact TravelbyBit within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation email.

Once the quoted price has been verified in accordance with the above conditions, the difference between TravelbyBit’s price and the lower quoted price will be refunded in Travel Credits and credited to your TravelbyBit account within 30 days.

Exclusions In order to receive the Price Guarantee, the quote cannot be reduced in any way by individual vouchers or discounts from third parties.

In the instance where a flight is cancelled, whether before or after the Price Guarantee is credited, the Price Guarantee will be made invalid.

TravelbyBit reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Price Guarantee at any time without notice.

By participating in the TravelbyBit Price Guarantee, you agree that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions.