12 March 2020
A quick update on our card

Last November we announced that in conjunction with Binance we would be launching a Crypto-Backed Travel Reward card. In the interest of getting a card into users hands as fast as possible, our team made a decision to delay reward functions as it would have pushback the release by half a year. The original vision has not changed, these features will be added to the product in stages.

With the hope of the card being widely adopted, the debit card will now be launched as the Binance Card and the best part is, you won’t need to wait much longer. From March 20th 2020 you can start the process simply by downloading the card app from the play store.

Binancians will be able to use BNB to make purchases within their daily lives. TravelbyBit is excited to be living our mission of seeing crypto spent freely around the world.