13 November 2018
Bitcoin World Traveller Visits TravelbyBit in Queensland: Here’s His Story

Sam is originally from France, but has spent the last two years traversing the globe exclusively using cryptocurrency.

Back in 2016, he was working for his family’s quiet pizza business, and upon seeing mention of bitcoin time and time again, he decided to invest “just a little bit at first” to see where it took him.

So far, his Bitcoin travels have taken him to London, Beijing, Japan, and now Brisbane.

He’s what’s becoming known as a “Bitcoin Traveller”: someone who can explore the globe far and wide, spending only cryptocurrency and using no government issued fiat money (like the Australian dollar).

Bitcoin demands attention

One of Sam’s latest adventures took him to Japan, where he mentions that everyone from young workers to seasoned investors are talking about cryptocurrency. He also said that, based on his experience, people are both excited yet apprehensive at the same time.

He mentions this could be because of a group mentality hinged on the media’s portrayal of digital currency. Seeing charts depicting the volatility of these currencies can certainly turn some people away. When people share this message about risk and apprehension, it can spread far and wide.


Crypto for the long haul, enjoying the sights along the way

Regardless, Sam’s on board with cryptocurrency for the long haul. He’s here enjoying the Brisbane sunshine, and he’s already experienced many of the crypto-friendly merchants around Fortitude Valley.

We were so excited to have Sam with us in Brisbane, we decided to ask him a few more questions to see how his trip was unfolding.

Did you do a lot of research before leaving for your round-the-world trip?

I didn’t do too much research beforehand, actually, and there were a few times when I was challenged when I arrived at my destination. However, a little bit of research on the spot would always help me out. You can always find a way. Before I came to Brisbane, for example, I didn’t realise it was such a crypto-friendly place.

How did you get into cryptocurrency?

Back in 2016, I was working with my family at our pizza shop. After that, I began working for a different business, all the while noticing time and time again how cryptocurrency was growing and how it was being implemented in more and more business.

I decided to invest, just a small amount at first, then I got more into it as time passed.

What’s your digital currency of choice?

I’ve been using Litecoin due to the low fees and quick transfer time.

It’s not only possible to see Brisbane on crypto... it’s easy! You can book a hotel, order lunch, get a ride across the city, schedule a kayak tour, and have a night at the club, all using cryptocurrency.


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