27 January 2020
TravelbyBit Advocate Program
Be part of a community that loves crypto and travel!

Approved influences will receive the following benefits.

  • Instant access to our Titanium travel tier
  • Receive 10% bitcoin rewards for every hotel booking
  • Receive US$30.5 in bitcoin back for every flight booking
  • Travel credit for each new user who books with your unique code
  • Price Match Guarantee*
  • Save up to 40% on Luxury Flights*
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Travel By Bit Limited edition swag when reaching key referral milestones

To maintain access to the influencer program, we will generally require a monthly documented reference to where you are giving us a shoutout. We make it easy to provide these by sharing in our advocates telegram group. In terms of the eligibility of becoming an advocate, we would consider your audience size and the nature of the shoutout you give us. At the same time, we will be flexible on a case by case basis. For example, you do something for our brand and it leads to a large number of bookings, we are more flexible on your monthly content.

We leave how you promote us to you. It can be in a video on Youtube, sharing our tweets, writing your own tweets or including us in a blog article. If you do have any specific questions or want to do a little extra like interview one of the team, we can organise through Telegram as well.

Approval of the program is always on a case by case basis. We are looking to work with people who can offer a win-win. It is true that the number of followers you have and the level of clout you hold in the crypto community is a major factor for being accepted. However, if you have a smaller audience who is highly engaged with your content and what you put out is about crypto we will still likely say yes.

Interested to be a part of TravelbyBit Advocates? Contact Viola to find out more.

Telegram: @violatbb Email: [email protected]