11 May 2019
11 of the Best Aussie Souvenirs You Can Buy with Bitcoin and BNB at Brisbane Airport

Whether you’re visiting Australia for business or pleasure, every trip is guaranteed to be memorable. Taking home a souvenir or two is a wonderful way to preserve those memories and share stories with others.

After Brisbane Airport last year became the World’s First Digital Currency Friendly Airport via their partnership with local digital currency payment provider TravelbyBit, travellers from around the globe have stopped through to see the software in action and purchase souvenirs using digital currency.

AWPL, Australia’s leading travel retail solutions provider, features five different merchants at Brisbane International: Australian Way, Dreamtime Journey, Merino Collection, NewsTravels, and Carry On. As part of the company’s focus on connecting local and international customers, its exploration of digital currency was a natural step in its continuous pursuit of digital innovation.

With the recent addition of Binance Coin (BNB) to TravelbyBit’s payment system following the company’s $US2.5 million investment, airport merchants now provide visitors with more payment options than ever before.

Here are 11 extra-Aussie souvenirs you can buy with Bitcoin and BNB at Brisbane International Airport through AWPL merchants.

1. Authentic Kangaroo Scrotums

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It wouldn’t be Australia without kangaroos. But a kangaroo scrotum? No doubt a conversation starter, these authentic kangaroo private parts are the ultimate souvenir.

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2. The Original Crocodile Dundee Hat


One trip to Australia and you’ll no longer wonder why we wear these hats. Our country’s blistering sun can be a serious danger in the summer and you just can’t be too careful.

As icing on the cake, they’re fashioned with kangaroo leather and feature croc teeth straight from the mouth of the beast. Believe it.

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3. A Hand-Painted Didgeridoo

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The iconic droning didgeridoo was developed by indigenous Australians and is still used today. Now you can get one of these bad boys at the airport and pay in Bitcoin or BNB.

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4. Emu Jerky


Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. The second largest bird in the world makes for surprisingly good jerky.

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5. Tasty, Tasty Vegemite


What should probably be considered Australia’s national dish is available in heaping quantities at Brisbane Airport. Recommended recipe: a thin layer of Vegemite and butter on toast.

Have you tried it?

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6. Chocolate Koalas


Other countries have chocolate rabbits, we have chocolate koalas. It’s Queensland’s national animal and the cutest little marsupial on the planet.

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7. Glorious Tim Tams


To this day, the tastiest chocolate treat Australia’s ever seen. We’re still crossing our fingers the exclusive Peanut Butter flavour returns one day. Buy a few packs using Bitcoin or Binance Coin and take them to your family... they’ll love you for it.

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8. Sheepskin UGG Boots


Did you know that UGG Boots originated in Australia? Made with Australian sheepskin, the boots were originally used by surfers to keep their feet warm when out of the water.

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9. Croc Skin Belts


The closest you want to get to one of these guys is by buying the souvenir. By wearing the horny scales of these authentic croc skin belts, you’ll not only have the pleasure of knowing you’re wearing a literal dinosaur’s exoskeleton around your waist, but you’ll feel tough as nails too.

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10. 100% Eucalyptus Oil


Healing and refreshing eucalyptus oil can help you breathe easy and relive your Australian holiday all at the same time. Now available using Bitcoin or BNB.

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11. A Legit Boomerang


Yes, they actually return when you throw them. Buy one with Bitcoin or Binance Coin and take it to the park... just watch out for other people - these things can do some damage if you take one to the head.

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Final Thoughts

Excited Yet?

Brisbane Airport is the first and only crypto airport in the world and has already welcomed hundreds of cryptocurrency enthusiasts through its doors.

With TravelbyBit, you can pay for over 1 million flights, hotels, cruises, tours, and activities with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies. What are you waiting for? Book your next trip today!

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