8 August 2018
The Botanist Becomes Brisbane Airport’s Flagship Digital Currency Merchant

The Botanist Kitchen and Bar joins the TravelbyBit merchant network as Brisbane Airport’s main digital currency attraction. The popular cafe offers selections ranging from a quick snack to a pre-check-in glass of beer to a full meal in a relaxed environment, complete with a view of the runway. It’s sophisticated enough for a one-on-one business meeting, and comfortable enough for a casual catch-up with a mate. In other words, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a last meal in Australia before departing overseas.

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What’s even better is that the joint sources local produce whenever possible and delights customers with the use of their open kitchen, allowing for customers to watch their orders being prepared.

The Botanist does more than just coffee, food, and beer – what makes them special is that they’re vegetarian-friendly and also offer an impressive array of teas (yes, more than just peppermint and English Breakfast), milkshakes, iced chocolates, and juices.

Attracting a digital crowd The Botanist is a local favourite. Now, with their newfound digital currency integration, the company is set to appeal to a new crowd of crypto enthusiasts while delighting existing customers with fast transaction times and low fees.

Insight from BNE representative Tom on Brisbane Airport’s digital currency initiative The Botanist joins the ranks of over 50 other Brisbane businesses to start accepting digital currency with TravelbyBit. During our Brisbane Airport rollout, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Brisbane Airport representative Tom about the exciting changes appearing at Brisbane Airport:

“It’s an emerging technology…people are just really curious. What I like about testing the system today is that people are getting a chance to see what cryptocurrency actually is and that it has a value on the marketplace. You can spend your cryptocurrency and you’re getting a coffee in return!”

The Botanist is accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash now. Read more about The Botanist and visit them in Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal.