31 July 2018
Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters Accepts Digital Currency in Brisbane Shops

Known across the country for their fantastic specialty coffee, industry-leading sustainable practices, and dedication to quality from crop to cup, NSW-based Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters have started accepting digital currency in their Brisbane location. Pablo & Rusty’s isn’t your average coffee company. The team takes a scientific approach to ensure quality in all areas of operation, from the origin of their coffees, the innovative factory, and their shops. They’re always checking, testing, and analysing to ensure the quality is ever increasing.

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The business does their absolute best to preserve the natural quality of the beans through the entire process. Their coffees are sourced only from top-grade farms in locations that hold up to their high standards in both coffee and farm management. This includes ensuring the coffee is properly grown, picked, dried, stored, and shipped, and that the farmers are getting paid well.

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A History of Innovation With a history of innovation, their adoption of digital currency payment options comes as no big surprise.

Pablo & Rusty’s leads the industry in innovation through their partnership with Huskee Cups (the world’s first coffee cup made from coffee waste). In addition, they have their own app, an online subscription service that ships coffee across Australia free of charge(!), their use of advanced brewing and roasting techniques and systems, their passion of developing new coffee products such Nitro Coffee (coffee that’s infused with nitrogen to give it a smooth finish), as well as many other innovative projects. In addition, they launched Australia’s first cashless cafe in 2016 and are always on the lookout for interesting ways to incorporate technology into their business.

Now with their new partnership with TravelbyBit, customers will be able to walk into the Brisbane store, order their items, and pay with a few taps on their phone – precisely what cryptocurrency was originally intended for.

With this addition, the business features a new level of simplicity, innovation, and excitement in their store, offering payment in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum.

A word from the COO on digital currency adoption To have Pablo & Rusty’s on board means a lot for TravelbyBit, and we were excited to hear from the brand’s COO Abdullah. Here’s reason for why Pablo & Rusty’s chose to start accepting digital currency and what it means for the business in a broader sense:

“As a company, we’ve always been interested in cutting-edge technology in retail, especially in reducing payment friction. There are many issues in using cash, and we wanted to minimise cash and double down on card and app-based payment. We launched the first fully cashless cafe in Australia and digital currency was the next logical step.

Digital currency allows more secure payments, faster transactions, and less transaction fees overall. There are already a few people in the business that were really passionate about digital currency, especially our wholesale manager, and we wanted to offer this payment option to our customers quickly.

We want to allow our users to pay the way they want.

We want the end user to get an amazing experience with fast payment. Using cash is a waste of time – many systems are needed to be in place for handling cash, and every transaction can take at least twice the amount of time as digital payments.

We’re trying to make the industry more sustainable in a broader sense including increasing the profitability of cafes we partner with. Digital currency is an unavoidable trend and a great tool in achieving this strategy.”

Pablo & Rusty’s in Brisbane is active now and ready to accept digital currency customers.