10 January 2018
Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar Blends Cryptocurrency with Magnificent Cold Brews

When Cameron Elliott handcrafts his popular cold brew coffees, he underpins his work with one phrase.

“Keeping the level of quality consistent is the priority,” he said.

Cameron keeps this idea front and centre throughout his business, which is known as Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar. He’s now partnered with TravelbyBit in order to bring his cold brews to the cryptocurrency world. Visitors can now use digital currencies such as bitcoin to purchase his delicious drinks on Brunswick Street.

Ranked in 2016 as the No. 1 Cafe across all of Brisbane by beanhunter.com, Ltd Espresso has garnered attention from the across the country throughout Elliot’s four-year stint as Owner. They’re known for delighting the Brisbane community’s taste buds with many exciting brews on rotation, and also for pleasing the more-serious coffee drinkers with their single-origin specialty coffees from exotic locations.

You can find Cameron and his friendly staff at 315 Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley. His websites can also be found below. Come in and have a taste of Ltd Espresso + Brew Bar’s coffee today!

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