7 August 2018
Edge on Beaches Accepts Five Cryptocurrencies for Luxury Resort Stays

Queensland’s stunning coastal Township of 1770 now boasts a 4-star luxury resort that accepts five digital currencies.

Edge on Beaches Resort serves all different types of travellers: families, solo travellers, and groups of international tourists as well.

IMG 4328

For our 5-day stay in the area, Edge on Beaches offered the TravelbyBit team support by providing accommodation at the resort. We were so excited to launch Agnes Water-1770 as Australia’s first digital currency towns, and Edge on Beaches proved itself as the perfect home base during our week-long adventure.

Lending to its high ratings, the 4-star luxury resort offers plenty of amenities to satisfy even the most demanding of guests: incredibly spacious private villas, heated pools, private patios, balconies, satellite television, washing machines and dryers, air-con, covered parking, and a quiet, peaceful, enjoyable stay overall.

The resort is tucked away into a quiet part of town, and is situated in a prime location just a few minutes’ walk to the beach.

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It’s also within walking distance of the rest of the town’s cryptocurrency merchants: cafes, dive shops, tour booking agencies, and many more. See our entire merchant list here.

Don’t forget that you can save by booking direct, and Penny and her friendly team at the resort can process your cryptocurrency payment remotely.