27 December 2017
Brisbane-Based Royal Black Helps Customers Travel in Style Using Bitcoin

We’re excited to announce the addition of Royal Black to our growing list of digital currency-accepting merchants around Brisbane.

Stationed near the Brisbane Airport, the newly-formed Royal Black provides private transport in and around Brisbane. With over 6 years of professional driver experience and a track record of high-level corporates and government officials, the company provides service for a host of clients and situations:

  • Non-urgent patient transport
  • School groups
  • Government officials
  • Corporate clients
  • Airport transfers

Cruise ship transfers (Portside and Grain terminals)

Using the spacious and comfortable 8-seater 2017 LDV G10, Royal Black provides a perfect solution for traveling families, and particularly those with young children, as they travel through the city.

And now they do all the same incredible work while accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, and Steem payments!

The importance of accepting cryptocurrency in modern business

We sat down with Jayne and Keith who head up Royal Black, where we learned about why they’ve chosen to accept digital currency in their business, where they think their industry is headed, and their ultimate objective for the future.

“As a small business, we want to widen our market and be accessible to all customers,” Jayne said. “This includes accepting all payment types, as well as eliminating bank fees and making payments more efficient.”

Integration of crypto in the private transport industry – what difference will it make?

Royal Black prides themselves on providing services to independent clients of all types. But how do they expect the industry itself to change with the emergence of digital currency? Here are Jayne’s thoughts on the matter:

“My life is stored on the phone I hold in my hand, and I can see many commonalities between my our customers and myself. An understanding of efficiency, professionalism, security, and quick payments will define the future of this industry, and eliminating third parties and using peer-to-peer transactions will be huge.”

“We’ve had a direct relationship with Caleb (TravelbyBit CEO) for a long time, and he’s always been innovative looking for the next best thing. We’re incredibly excited to start this new venture with him!”

What does the future hold for Royal Black?

“Ultimately, we want to be able to connect people with cultural tourism, indigenous understanding, and cultural exchange,” Jayne revealed. It’s important meeting indigenous people who love their country, those who don’t have the ability to bring travelers to them. Being a point of delivery for these people would be very special to us.”

Book your private transport today using cryptocurrency. Visit Royal Black online to see details on vehicles, rates, reviews, and the map of their service area.