9 October 2018
Accomm1770 Provides Luxury Accommodation for Queensland Digital Currency Travelers

Your home away from home can now be paid for in digital currency. Local luxury holiday rental accommodation provider Accomm1770 provides lavish stays to guests visiting the Town of 1770 and Agnes Water, Queensland. Many beachfront properties, resort-style rentals, and pet and family-friendly holiday homes are available on the company’s site to appeal to a variety of tastes and to suit any budget.

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One of the biggest benefits for travellers is that many of Accomm1770’s holiday homes are fully self-contained, meaning they include important amenities for every holiday getaway: bed sheets, pillows, doonas, shampoos, toilet paper, laundry detergent, and dish soap. Also provided for traveller comfort is free WIFI, pool and spa, air conditioning, washing machines and dryers, and even boat parking (check the individual property pages for details and a list of what’s provided).

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Ready to start accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your business? It’s easy – just complete this form and we’ll get you set up.

Here’s what 1770 local, Accomm1770 representative, and Discover Coast Tourism & Commerce board member Gordon Christian had to say about the city’s implementation of this new and cutting edge technology, and what is means for his business to be involved:

“One of the things I’m passionate about is educating our community about the change that’s occurring. I’m keenly interested in the internet of energy, communication, transport, and the Internet of Things, and I don’t think many communities actually know about it. This is a way of actually bringing education to them.

It starts off with the interest in making money, but it’s really about what the bigger picture is.”

Give Gordon a ring to set up your 1770 holiday with a million dollar view: http://www.1770holidaysonline.com.au/

We extend a huge thank you to Gordon for providing outstanding hospitality and introducing us to the faces of Agnes Water and 1770. We couldn’t have done it without you.

See some of Gordon’s properties and learn more about Agnes Water-1770 in this new video from The Crypto Class.

Thank you, Gordon!

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