22 May 2019
Bitcoin Pizza Day 2019

The 22nd of May,2019 marks the ninth year of the first bitcoin transaction, in which Laszlo Hanyecz paid 100,000 bitcoin for two pizzas, now worth in the region of US$80 Million.

What Makes Bitcoin Pizza Day So Special?

Laszlo’s purchase was monumental for bitcoin, as it’s the first known bitcoin transaction for a physical product. It demonstrated that bitcoin has value, a real world use case, and the potential to be an alternative to fiat currency.

Since then, many have tirelessly worked to promote the acceptance of bitcoin across the globe. These efforts have resulted in over 70,000 merchants accepting the cryptocurrency worldwide. TravelbyBit’s merchant network, accessible in every Australian state and territory, makes it simple, efficient and secure for anyone to experience the technology. In addition to the wide range of crypto-friendly activities, restaurants and service providers, you can now book your flights and accommodation at TravelbyBit entirely in cryptocurrency!

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Where Can I Spend Cryptocurrency?

How could we not celebrate this huge milestone for cryptocurrency adoption? To honour this year’s Bitcoin Pizza Day, we customised a bitcoin pizza and shared it with the local crypto community. The meetup was held at one of our favourite pizza merchants in Brisbane, Boroughs of New York Pizza, who accept bitcoin and a number of other cryptocurrencies all year round. We’d like to extend a huge thanks to the venue for hosting us and the wonderful staff who helped make the night memorable.

Check out our merchant map to see where you can spend your bitcoin in Australia today!

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