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Welcome to Thailand!

Let go of your daily grind and indulge in Thailand’s welcoming culture that begins from the lively city of Phuket and ends with the friendly locals. Even if you did nothing, you will leave with the happiest heart. After all, it is the Land of Smiles.

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Thailand Tourist Attractions - Must See and Do

  1. Relax in your hammock between the tall palm trees with a view of the turquoise blue waters of Patong Beach.
  2. Get your morning cup at one of the many instagram-worthy rustic cafes, with locally-grown beans, at the northern city of Chiang Mai.
  3. Take a speedboat or ferry ride from Phuket to the vividly colourful and picturesque Phi Phi Islands.
  4. Shop and savour local thai cuisine at Bangkok’s most famous and unique attraction, Floating Markets.
  5. Book a tour to Bangkok’s famous 200-year old highly ornate and glorious Grand Palace.
  6. For all the literature-lovers; enjoy a traditional afternoon tea on the serene Chao Phraya River at the Author’s Lounge.
  7. Don’t miss out on visiting The White Temple in Chiang Rai; a contemporary quirky art exhibit that’s built in the style of a Budhist temple.
  8. Take the 100-step barefoot climb to the Big Buddha and get a remarkable bird's-eye view of Thailand.

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