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Crypto Payments Go Live at the World’s First Digital Currency Airport

Travellers from all over the world are now able to pay using digital currency at Brisbane Airport, the world’s first digital currency airport.

The rollout was launched as part of TravelbyBit’s payment system initiative, with the digital currency-friendly merchants at Brisbane Airport ranging from restaurants to souvenir shops, and cater to all guests arriving and departing through Brisbane Airport’s international and domestic terminals.

Clint Harvey, Innovation Manager at Brisbane Airport Corporation, was present at the launch and commented on the reason behind the Airport's decision to accept the TravelbyBit system.

For us, it’s really important to provide passengers choice in how they want to to interact with an airport throughout their journey, as well as helping our retailers maintain relevance and resilience. Supporting local start-up talent like TravelbyBit and reinvesting in the community is big for us.

... and Brisbane Airport is just the beginning. It’s all about tourism here for us at TravelbyBit, and with the official launch of the airport, international visitors can see Queensland and pay for their entire trip using digital currency.

We extend a huge thank you to Brisbane Airport, Living Room of Satoshi, and Nugget’s News for your support, and to all of our community for supporting the movement.

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