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Sushi for Satoshis? Sushi Planet reveals exclusive crypto sushi menu

With the recent AU$551 million investment by the three governments, Adelaide is quickly turning into the centre of innovation in Southern Australia. Under this deal, Lot 14 will be converted into a Blockchain Precinct. This has encouraged some local businesses to start accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment with the help of fintech company TravelbyBit.

From grabbing a coffee at Muscle Bar Cafe to experiencing VR at Virtual Reality Adelaide, early adopters can now use cryptocurrencies for real world goods and services.

Sushi Planet in Adelaide South Australia is now accepting cryptocurrencies for payment and has revealed an exclusive crypto sushi menu.


When prompted about his interest in cryptocurrency, the owner of the modern Japanese restaurant Michael Li had this to say,

“The crypto community is growing fast, so even a small percentage of this market will be a huge boost for our business. Any traveller from around the world who wants to dine with us can now pay in crypto, eliminating the process of converting their local currencies to Australian dollars and paying conversion fees. There are a lot of benefits and we are future-proofing our business.” Sushi Planet specializes in making the most exquisite sushi with fresh Australian fish and flavourful cocktails. Along with the delectable range of food and drinks, they offer an excellent dining experience with their contemporary restaurant ambience and free delivery to your home or workplace.

Crypto Sushi Menu

“Since Sushi Planet’s inception, we have always been open to serve people in all walks of life. By having something new like a crypto menu, we feel that we are opening our service and product to a whole new market.”

The unique recreation of their traditional menu is what sets them apart. The Crypto Menu offers everything from ‘Scrypt’ Skewer Sets to ‘Lightning’ Topped Rolls.

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Ready to indulge in Crypto Rolls?

Satoshi Sushi Set The King of all Sushi Sets, a reward incentive for all decentralized citizens for your proof of hard work. A variety of sushi rolls on our menu gives you a taste of 21 different rolls to honour the 21 million bitcoins that can be mined in total.

Litecoin (Scrypt) Skewer Sets Our scrypt skewer sets offer a variety of options of meat, seafood and vegan choices. The Scrypt Skewer Set is the silver to your gold Satoshi Sushi Set.

BNB (Binance) Big Rolls Dedicated to the world's highest-volume exchange. Our BNB rolls offer the largest rolls in our crypto menu. The best bang for your BNB token.

Nakamoto Nigiri Set As straightforward as the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, we celebrate his work by introducing the Nakamoto Nigiri set which is a variety of seafood (both raw and cooked) placed upon a single ball of rice. Each piece is hand crafted to be the “perfect bite”.

Lightning Topped Rolls Our lightning topped rolls are in and out roll options that offer 2 layers of toppings that would definitely scale your cravings and satisfy your hunger.

Donburi Ripple Rice Bowl One of the most popular meals on our crypto menu is the Ripple Rice Bowl. If you are looking for a SWIFT fix for your hunger, then this meal is definitely for you.

Choose your favourite dish from the Crypto Menu and pay with Bitcoin, Binance Coin, and Litecoin. If you have ideas for any other sushi creation, the Sushi Planet team would love to hear your feedback on Facebook and Instagram.

Visit Sushi Planet at West Terrace or Modbury in Adelaide.

Sushi Planet Contemporary Japanese Restaurant 60 West Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

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